Meet the Characters

Sheriff Justin Wise
(Johnathon Schaech)


Justin Wise is an ex-Green Beret and the new sheriff of Blue Ridge. He moved to the small mountain town for a fresh start with his ex-wife and daughter. Justin is ready to leave his life of chaos behind and embrace a slower pace. But for Justin, that’s easier said than done. His high moral code and obligation to do what is right often puts him in danger, but his quick thinking and impressive combat skills usually get him out of it.











Elli Wise
(Sarah Lancaster)


After her marriage with Justin Wise ended, Elli Wise moved back to her hometown of Blue Ridge so their daughter, Maddie, could experience the joys of small-town life and grow up somewhere that’s safe. Elli now owns the local diner and is a leader in the community. Despite not being together anymore, she remains close with Justin and always looks out for him.











Cliff McGrath
(Graham Greene)


Cliff “Old Man” McGrath is the McGrath family leader, a powerful clan in town. He is out to seek justice for his daughter, Vivian McGrath-Keegan’s murder, and is a longtime rival of Jeremiah Wade.











Maddie Wise
(Taegen Burns)


Maddie Wise is the preteen daughter of Elli and Justin Wise. She loves spending time with her mom at the diner and exploring the outdoors with her dad.











Deputy Becky
(Lara Silva)


Deputy Becky grew up in Blue Ridge, and she knows everything about the community and its residents. She is tough, smart, and skilled with a firearm. Becky can handle any situation the job throws at her and isn’t afraid to put the townspeople in their place if need be.











Deputy Thompson
(Ben Esler)


Although Deputy Thompson is a bit of a jokester, he takes his duty to protect the town very seriously. He is still learning what it takes to be a deputy and looks up to Justin as a mentor.











Jeremiah Wade
(Tom Proctor)


Jeremiah Wade is the head of the Wade family, one of the most prevalent clans in town. Jeremiah isn’t a stranger to trouble and has had a longtime feud with Cliff “Old Man” McGrath over land.











Mayor Brady
(Odessa Feaster)


Mayor of town. Not a bad person, but is usually looking out for the good of her own career above the good of the community.











Lem Keagen
(Kevin L. Johnson)


Lem Keegan is an outsider of Blue Ridge, who has recently moved to town with his wife, Vivian McGrath-Keegan. He is at odds with his father-in-law and has no interest in getting to know the community and their way of life.